PST in Addis

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Hello everyone!

As I am about to close up my time in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, I figured I would share some of the cool things here!  Although we have been stuck in the hotel most of the time due to Pre-Service Training and curfew, it has really been a cool place to be before we head to our Community-Based Training (CBT) sites.  It really is difficult to share my all of my experience so far in a blog post, so if you have a question, please ask!



The people in the cohort are great.
The food has been amazing.
The coffee makes any other coffee undrinkable.

We were able to drive around the city and visit Mt. Entoto and the National Museum of Ethiopia.  A nearby restaurant that we have dubbed “Yellow Tent” has been serving us up amazing food with friendly staff.  I personally have been there about four times in this past week.  Other than that, it has been a lot of training and sleeping when we can…


Peace Corps staff here is full of some great, hard-working professionals.  The Ethiopians on staff have been patient and very welcoming; and the Peace Corps Volunteer Leaders have been a great resource.  Ethiopians in the city are pretty friendly to us “ferenji.” Even if you catch someone scowling or staring at you, all you have to do is greet them with “selam” and they instantly smile and greet you back.  This really has been a great way to transition to our CBT’s with our host family.

Speaking of CBT’s….

My next stop after Addis will be in the historical Tigray region in northern Ethiopia! Because I will be training here for the next few weeks with my host family, my future site placement will also be here!  I leave this week and I am not sure what the wireless internet situation will be like there. Until then, I promise to take many pictures of my experiences with my host family!


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