Packed and Ready for Staging

Hello everyone!

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Bags are packed and I think I succeeded in my goal for how many bags I need to bring (Need to post this quickly so I can see if my laptop fits…). A lot has changed from my last packing list, and I still somehow feel like I’m going to regret bringing this much. In the interest of shorter reading and time, descriptions might be grouped. Without further ado, my packing list:


Camelbak personal bag

Laptop w/ mouse
2 Notebooks
3 decks of cards (Italian, French, UNO)
2 Portable chargers
Index cards, sticky notes, pens
Battery recharger w/ batteries
Bundle of pens
Markers and Colored Pencils
1 toiletry bag
GoPro Stuff

Red Carry-On Bag

1 pair of boots (Wearing brown shoes)
1 Pant (2 pants for work, beige and navy, but I’m wearing one for the plane)
4 Button Shirts (wearing one)
2 T-Shirts
1 Belt (Flips brown and black)
1 Hat (Go Penguins)
1 Light Rain Coat
10 Pairs of socks (mix of hiking, athletic, and dress socks. Some are actually in suitcase)
7 Underwear
Shaving kit
1 Solar Panel w/ battery
Slim cooling fan lapdesk for laptop
Protein bars and Oreos

Nautica suitcase

1 Jean
1 Hoodie
1 Teva Sandal
1 Trail Running Shoes
1 Flip flop sandals
1 Sawyer bottle and Mini
1 Leatherman
1 Running shorts
1 Athletic shirt
1 Heavy underlayer
1 midlayer pants
1 light midlayer shirt
2 Small quick-dry towels
2 Large quick-dry towels
2 Notebooks
1 Frying pan
1 Chefs Knife
1 Spatula
1 Veggie Peeler
Several bars of soap
1 bottle of shampoo
Various other toiletries and medicines
1 roll of duct tape
2 headlamps
1 Surge protector/energy converter/power strip
3 textbooks
Souvenirs for host family (1 maple syrup bottle, 1 America picture book, 1 deck of UNO cards, 6 pack of large wand bubbles)
1 Wiffle bat w/ 2 small wiffle balls

This is all that I care to list, at least. There is probably some more, but I hope it at least gives prospective Peace Corps Volunteers of what I valued to bring and gives some ideas.  Suitcase is basically at maximum weight and the red bag is pretty hard to close.  Not bringing a second checked bag will make things much easier for moving, so I think it is worth it.  I rearranged items like this to promote only using the Camelback and red bag during my first ten days in Addis Ababa, and not have to worry about unpacking anything from the suitcase only to have to pack it back ten days later.


 Contact Information

A couple people have asked about how to contact me.  Facebook will probably be the best way, but that will be limited probably once I actually start teaching in September. I also suggest subscribing to my blog in the event I cannot access Facebook for whatever reason. Others have asked about mailing me, and that address is here:

Joe Garzone
c/o Peace Corps Ethiopia
P.O Box 7788
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone #: 011-320-0316

Snacks make for good care package gifts 😉
Just let me know if you have any other questions about contact.

Lastly, I just want to thank all of my friends and family for the unbelievable support leading up to today before I leave Connecticut.  I might try to post again before I actually leave on Sunday, but I’m just going to post this quickly before I leave in a few hours. Gaining eight pounds in a little over two weeks should be enough to describe just how much I ate and drank, hitting up everywhere on my “food bucket list” just for the sake of having some last-minute memories before departure.  I really am finding it hard to put into words how much it has meant to me to read and hear some of the things you all have said to me these past few weeks.  This decision was not as easy as I sometimes make it seem, and it makes it easier knowing that there are people at home that are hoping for the best from me and push me to succeed. It’s easy to be the great person that you all say I am when there’s people worth trying to be great for. I hope I make you proud.




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